Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect


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This e-learning addresses the requirement for all school personnel to complete a training in the detection and reporting of child abuse or neglect and will serve as a valuable refresher for experienced educators as well.

The training includes scenarios shown as videos, interactive activities and quizzes and addresses the following topics:

Topic One: Mandated reporting

  • The New Mexico Children’s Code mandates that every person who knows about or suspects child abuse or neglect reports the maltreatment.  The Code specifies certain professions, including teachers and school officials, who have an official responsibility to report.
  • Educators make up 16% of reports nationally.  They may be the only non-family member with whom a child interacts.
  • Reporters do not need to be able to prove that abuse or neglect has occurred; they only need to have a suspicion of child abuse and neglect.

Topic Two: Warning signs and indicators of child abuse and neglect

  • Common warning signs of emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse.
  • An explanation of bruises that are typical of abuse vs. bruises commonly seen from accidents.  What educators should look out for in regards to bruises on a child.
  • In New Mexico is 2010, 86.5% of the victims of child maltreatment were neglected.  Neglect includes child abandonment, a parent knowing about abuse and not doing anything to protect the child and lack of proper parental care, education or medical care.
  • There are certain precautions an educator should take when working with a child who discloses abuse or neglect.

 Topic 3: Directions on making a report to Statewide Centralized Intake (SCI)

  • Understanding the process of making a report to SCI and what criteria are needed for a report to be accepted.
  • Navigating school procedure and making the report to SCI.
  • What happens once a case is investigated at CYFD Protective Services.
  • Alternative services for the family in cases where the child is not removed from the home.

The training will take approximately 1 hour to complete.  There is a printable certificate at the conclusion on the course.