2019 Foster Parent Mandated Training Curriculum

Trainer Guide:

The following Trainer Guides have been updated to match the PowerPoints:

The complete Trainer Guide PDF The complete Trainer Guide with Spanish and English slides PDF


Trainer Guide Amendment:

If you are using this Original Printed Version of the Trainer Guide (PDF), please download and follow the directions in this Trainer Guide Amendment Packet (Word) for updated material.


Trainer Guide by Session:

Trainer Guide by Session with Spanish slides:

Session One PDF Session One with Spanish slides PDF
Session Two PDF Session Two with Spanish slides PDF
Session Three PDF Session Three with Spanish slides PDF
Session Four PDF Session Four with Spanish slides PDF
Session Five PDF Session Five with Spanish slides PDF
Session Six PDF Session Six with Spanish slides PDF


PowerPoint by Session (English):

PowerPoint by Session (Spanish):

Session 1-The Impact of Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect Session 1 – The Impact of Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect_SPANISH
Session 1A-The ARC Model Session 1A – The ARC Model_SPANISH
Session 2-Understanding Behavior Session 2 – Understanding Behavior_SPANISH
Session 3-Building Relationships Session 3 –  Building Relationships_SPANISH
Session 4-Regulation Session 4 – Regulation_ SPANISH
Session 5-Self-Development and Identity Session 5 – Identity_ SPANISH
Session 6-Endings and Beginnings Session 6 – Endings and Beginnings_SPANISH


Participant Workbook/Handouts (English):

Participant Workbook/Handouts (Spanish):

The Participant Workbook PDF The Participant Workbook in Spanish PDF