CYFD Trainer Resources for New Mexico Foster Parent Training

2019 Foster Parent Mandated Training Information
Promoting Successful Placements and Child-Well Being: A Trauma-Informed Toolbox for Foster Parents 

First and foremost THANK YOU for all of your hard work to empower New Mexico’s foster parents and improve the lives of the children in their care!

Here you will find the resources and information for your foster parent training needs! Please follow the links below in order to access, upload, and download information regarding your training. We are here to help support you in meeting your training goals. Our team will help track completed trainings, and will update you on your progress as needed. Through this process we hope to capture the impact of your efforts and help tell the story of skill building within New Mexico’s foster families. If you need technical assistance or have questions please use the form below and we will respond in a timely manner.

 Instructions for Training

Steps for Completing a Training

Step 1: Prior to training Print out blank sign-in sheets, evaluations, certificate of completion, and pre-test (pre-test only prior to session 1). Click here for training documents

Step 2: During each training Please make sure that each Foster Parent signs-in and completes an evaluation at the end of the training day.

  • Evaluations should be completed each time you train.
  • If you train more than one session in a training day both sessions can go on the same sign-in sheet & evaluation form for that day.
  • Each adult must sign in separately on the sign in sheet, couples do not sign-in together.

UPDATE: NMSU is no longer overseeing foster parent training or evaluation. You are free to use any of the resources on this page.

For updated information on foster parent training requirements or expectations please contact Amy Whitfield at



Access to Power Points, Participant Workbook, and Trainer Guide

Click here to download the Training Curriculum and Handouts