Youth Standards of Behavior Agreement

  1. I will stay in the room that I am assigned. I will not spend time in a room that is not my own. I will be in my room at scheduled times. Any issues with room assignments will be brought to the attention of Molly Clement.
  2. I will not make prank calls to anyone in the hotel.  I will not use the hotel room phones to make phone calls, unless a 9-1-1 call must be made for medical emergencies, such as a seizure.
  3. I will not allow any outside guests or visitors in my room. I understand that no one, other than my roommate, is allowed in my room without staff present.
  4. I will not destroy, steal, or deface hotel property as I understand that I am a guest at the hotel. I will also not harm or steal from other conference participants, hotel guests, or staff. I will be responsible to pay for any lost, damaged, or stolen hotel and CYFD property.
  5. I will bring clothes and shoes that are appropriate for outside activities, such as closed-toe tennis shoes and a jacket. I will also bring clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the dance, workshops, and other conference activities.
  6. I will not bring or use alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, firearms, pocket knives, or weapons of any kind. If I see anyone who has drugs, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, firearms, pocket knives, or weapons of any kind I will report it immediately to my chaperone. If any of these items are found, they will be confiscated and will not be returned.  If necessary, the proper authorities will be notified and you may be asked to leave the conference. Medically prescribed medications are allowed. Chaperones will be provided with a list of prescribed medications, dosages, and how often medications need to be taken.
  7. I will be responsible for all my personal property, including iPods, iPads, cell phones, etc. I understand that if these items are stolen, CYFD and NMSU will not replace property. We recommend that you not bring items such as these to the conference. Don’t bring anything you mind losing, getting stolen, or damaged.
  8. I will check in with my Chaperone at all the designated times at the identified check-in location.
  9. I will not leave the conference site for any reason unless it is cleared and coordinated with staff in advance and I have CYFD staff with me. I will not invite anyone to the conference site
  10. I expect to be regarded with respect by others; I understand that I am expected to regard others with that same respect. This means that bullying and cyberbullying via social media sites (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) are not okay and will not be tolerated.
  11. I will refrain from public displays of affection and sexual activity during this conference.
  12. I will dress in a manner that is not offensive, nor overly exposing of my body. I will change my clothes if asked to by CYFD staff.
  13.  I will communicate appropriately, meaning I will refrain from physical and verbal aggression.
  14.  I will be on time for workshops, presentations, and activities.  I will pay attention to presenters and engage in activities.  This means that ear buds and ear phones will not be in my ears. Additionally, cell phones and other electronic devices will be placed out of sight where they will not be used during presentations, workshops, and activities.
  15. I understand that I am expected to follow the rules and ask a chaperone any questions I might have.
  16. If I am asked to change my behavior, I will do so. I understand that by not adhering to the conference Rules & Expectations outlined above, I may be excluded from activities or escorted back home. I also understand that my inability to adhere to the Rules & Expectations may affect my eligibility to attend future conferences.

Youth Registration will close July 14, 2017.

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