Chaperone Expectations Agreement

  • Transportation: Chaperones are expected to transport youth from their county to and from the conference. If a youth is in another region of the state, chaperones will arrange the transportation for the youth so they can attend. Chaperones are expected to coordinate time and location of pick up and drop off with youth and their foster parent or if applicable with treatment foster care, group homes, etc. For example, foster parent will bring youth to county office by 7:00 am on July 25th and will pick youth up at county office by 1:00 pm on July 27th.

***CHAPERONES: Before you leave to drive to Taos the morning of 7/25/2017, send a text message to 575.708.9388 (Molly Clement) stating your name and who all is in your vehicle (youth and chaperones). Also indicate youth and chaperones who did not show up that were supposed to. Example: Molly Clement is leaving with youth John Doe, Suzy Q, and Jane Smith. Jane Doe registered, but did not show up. ***

  • Night Patrol: Chaperones are expected to work at least one to two night patrol shifts to ensure youth are in their rooms throughout the night. The night shift patrol walks the perimeter of the hotel, in pairs, to make sure that our youth are safe and to ensure that conference rules are being followed. A list of room numbers and occupants will be provided on site. Please remember to bring warm clothes.
  • Shifts
    • 11:00pm-1:00am    Two(2) night shift
    • 1:00am-3:00am      One(1) night shift
    • 3:00am-5:00am      One(1) night shift
    • 5:00am-7:00am      Two(2) night shift
  •  Youth Assignments:  Until chaperones receive their assignments, they are responsible for all youth they transported to Taos. Once Chaperones receive their assignments, they will be responsible for chaperoning the youth on their list for the rest of the conference. There will be two chaperones assigned to a group of two to four youth to oversee during the conference. Chaperones may or may not be assigned to the youth they bring to the conference. You will be asked to cover for your partner chaperone during his or her break and your partner will be asked to cover your group of youth during your break.  Chaperones will need to ensure the following:
  1. Have each of your assigned youth write your name, your cell phone number, your room number, and the designated meeting place on the back of their name tag.
  2. Chaperones write the youth’s name, cell phone number (if available), designated meeting place, and youth’s room number on the back of their (chaperone) name tag.
  3. Meet with your assigned youth at all the specified check-in times at your designated place.
  4. Ensure that all youth are in the room five minutes before the start of each session and are participating in conference activities. In addition, ensure that all youth are respectful during workshops and presentations.
  5. Ensure youth are in their sleeping rooms when they are supposed to be and that they are not in their sleeping room when they are not supposed to be.
  6. Ensure youth are following the conference rules.
  7. Have fun and build positive relationships with youth, acting as a support for them during the conference.
  8. Ensure youth are at each meal.
  9. Assist your youth with proper administration of medication when needed.
  •  “Chaperone Check-in” Expectations: The check-in time is to be used to:
  1. Ensure that all assigned youth are accounted for. Have youth initial a sign-in sheet at each check-in time. This sign-in sheet will be turned in to Chaperone Coordinators at the end of the conference.
  2. If a youth is missing or if there is problem that you need assistance in addressing, contact Stephanie Chavez, 505-634-6043, or AJ Ferris, 575-373-5282, immediately.
  3. Youth may feel triggered during a workshop or an activity so please check-in with the youth on their personal and emotional wellbeing.
  4. Explain to the youth the agenda and upcoming activities. Ask which workshops they might like to attend.
  • Room Assignments: Chaperones will be assigned two to a room. Youth will be assigned either two or three to a room. Room assignments will be made prior to the conference. If chaperones or youth have a roommate preference, please make sure to list this during registration as last minute changes will be by emergency only. Youth will only be allowed to switch rooms if there is a true emergency and approved by Molly Clement. If you have a concern, please notify Molly Clement right away.
  •  Conference Participation: Chaperones are expected to fully participate with youth in all workshops and conference activities.  We ask that chaperones sit at tables with youth to assist with youth engagement.  This is beneficial for the youth both because they see staff as role models and they get to partner with them in a much less formal setting. Additionally, we ask that chaperones refrain from using their cell phones during activities when youth are not allowed to use their cell phones. Each chaperones is provided one break on Wednesday. Unless chaperones are on a break or have completed room check-ins for the evening, we ask that you do not leave the hotel premises or return to your room. If you have any concerns please contact Molly Clement, Richard Gaczewski, or Maya McKnight.
  • Leaders Uniting Voices Youth Advocates of New Mexico (LUVYANM): LUVYANM is the statewide youth advocacy and advisory board. Members of LUVYANM are considered leaders and role models. LUVYANM members will have name tags that identify them as such. They helped plan this conference and are role models for other youth.  They are considered youth leaders.
  • Smoking Cigarettes: Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, as maintained by hotel policy. Please be respectful of others if you choose to smoke. As per CYFD policy, chaperones are not allowed to smoke in front of the youth.  There is a separate designated area specifically for chaperones.  While you are smoking make sure another chaperone is overseeing your youth in your absence.
  • Thursday Check out:Chaperones check each youth’s sleeping rooms Thursday morning to ensure that all personal items have been removed and that there is no damage to the room. Transportation vehicles must be available between 11:00am and 11:30am for loading. Room checks, vehicle loading, turning in chaperone check in sign in sheets, and checkout must be completed by 11:45am. Lunch boxes will be provided on Thursday to take with you as you travel home.
  • Major Conference Rule Violations and Reporting:If a youth violates one of the conference rules (see Youth Rules & Regulations) at any time during the conference, contact Richard Gaczewski, 505-328-5574,  Molly Clement, 575-708-9388, or Maya McKnight, 505-660-1589, immediately. Maya Mcknight will determine the consequences of the rule violation. Please note that the consequence could include a youth being asked to leave the conference.  As a chaperone, you may be asked to help transport this youth home.
  • Appropriate Clothing for Activities: Chaperones are expected to bring clothing and shoes that are appropriate for outdoor activities and varied weather such as closed-toe tennis shoes and shorts and sweaters.


We thank you all for your time and assistance in making the ILY conference an enjoyable experience for all.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns after reading these expectations.

Chaperone Registration will close July 14, 2017.

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