ASAM Training of the Trainer

Training of Trainers in the Use of the ASAM Criteria

 Program Description

In this workshop ASAM training will be modeled and issues that are likely to arise in participants training of end users will be discussed.  Areas of difficulty for end user trainees will be identified and recommendations for effective approaches will be made. The workshop will include case studies and the presentation of a model of an ASAM-based clinical record which avoids simply adding “more paperwork” and ties together the assessment, treatment plan and progress notes.  Recommendations for helping end user trainees understand their own processing of assessment information will be demonstrated.

Time Frames

This is a two-day workshop.

Sample Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the system for forcing a relationship between the ASAM assessment problems, the treatment plan and the progress notes;
  2. Recognize one or more problems in processing assessment information in each of the Dimensions;
  3.   Help end user trainees perform an assessment in each of the six ASAM dimensions;
  4. Communicate how “matching severity of illness and intensity of treatment” differs    among the Dimensions and create significant differences in the assessment and placement.


This two day training is designed specifically and restricted to participants who are experienced clinicians and who have experience and are comfortable with the use of ASAM Patient placement Criteria (experience with the previous version of the ASAM PPC-2 is adequate). The workshop will be a combination of ASAM content and presentation approach.  Given the numbers of clinicians not familiar or comfortable with the use of the ASAM Criteria, the number of states, agencies and behavioral managed care companies who employ the ASAM Criteria and the relatively high rate of clinician turnover resulting in a deficit of ASAM trained counselors, this workshop was originally created to develop a group of “local” trainers of the ASAM Criteria.