ASAM Basic

ASAM Criteria Training

Using the Most Recent Edition of the ASAM Criteria

Program Description

This workshop is designed for participants who have already had exposure to the ASAM Criteria and those with little or no experience using the criteria. The workshop will describe the six ASAM Dimensions and their application. The levels of care will be described. The changes in the most recent edition of the Criteria including the four special populations (populations for which there was difficulty applying the criteria), sections of gambling and smoking, and the relationships between smoking and relapse. Changes in the DSM-5 on substance use disorder diagnoses will be discussed. Attention will be paid to co-occurring disorders. There will be a case study on the application of the criteria giving participants an opportunity to apply what they have learned to the “real world.” This two-day workshop will go into depth in the description of the criteria providing for more technology transfer including the application of the learning in a number of different case studies, both adult and adolescent. The goal of the workshop is to have participants begin using the Criteria immediately upon conclusion of the training.

Time Frames

Two days for those who have had little or no experience is using the Criteria and are addiction counselors with or without a Master degree in a clinical specialty.

Sample Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess clients in each of the six ASAM Dimensions;
  2. Use the assessment data to select the appropriate level of care;
  3. Apply the changes in the DSM-5 substance use disorder diagnoses to their assessments;
  4. Use the assessment data to select initial areas of concern on the treatment plan.