Pre-Conference Session

Wednesday, January 9th, 8:30am-12:00pm

CEU approved: 3.0; CLEs: 3.0 General

Intersections: How to Work with Complexity in Domestic Violence Cases

The top three issues facing families involved with child protection (all over the world) are domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues. In the past, we might have referred to these as co-occurring issues. But the language of co-occurrence often doesn’t provide us with a sense of how these issues interact. For example,  listing that the family has experienced both domestic violence and mental health issues is not as useful as describing how the perpetrator’s violence has produced anxiety and aggression in the adult survivor. Using an intersections framework, versus a co-occurrence framework, we increase perpetrator accountability, improve our ability to assess the family, and our ability to partner with  adult survivors. In this pre-conference workshop, David will talk about how to address this complexity while maintaining the core values of domestic violence-informed practice: intervening with perpetrators as parents and partnering with adult survivors.

Facilitated by: David Mandel, MA, LCP, Safe & Together Institute