Domestic Violence Screening: A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

This workshop will focus on the importance of screening clients for domestic violence (DV) and the Pandora’s box that screening represents. Lawyers, mediators, judges and other professionals who work with families should all be screening for DV on an ongoing basis throughout a case. Screening isn’t an easy task. While there are helpful tools, it is hard to know what questions to ask and when to ask them. Participants will learn about the many different aspects of domestic violence and information that practitioners need to know in distinguishing the difference between occasional DV and a pattern of coercive conduct. Experts agree that an environment where negotiation between the parties takes place creates a dangerous situation that should not happen. This workshop will talk about different screening tools and how to use them.

Presenter: Kelly Browe Olson, JD

Presentation Day and Time

Thursday, January 16th, 3:30 pm


Participant Handouts

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