2009 CLI Keynote Speakers

Opening PlenaryNo Child is a Bad Child: The Power of a Strength-Based Approach

Presenter- Charlie Appelstein, MSW, Appelstein Training Resources

Strength-based practice is an emerging approach to helping people that is extremely positive and hope-inspiring. Its focusis building on strengths rather than fixing flaws. It begins with the belief that all young people have strengths and past successes that can be utilized to stop problem behavior and enhance decision-making. This keynote will highlight many of the key principles and techniques of this life-changing approach to working with children and youth.

Closing PlenaryMaltreatment and the Developing Child: A Neurodevelopment Perspective

Presenter- Bruce Perry, PhD., Senior Fellow, Child Trauma Academy

The development of a young child is profoundly influenced by experience. Experiences shape the organization of the brain, which, in turn, influences the emotional, social, cognitive and physiological activities. Insights into this process come from understanding brain development. Both trauma and neglect, the absence of essential developmental experiences required to express a fundamental potential of a child, are pervasive problems in our culture. Various forms of neglect are possible and include splinter neglect, total global neglect and emotional or relational neglect. Chaos, threat, and abnormal patterns of emotional, social, cognitive and physical interactions with young children lead to an array of brain-related problems. This presentation will review clinical work and research that can help us better understand developmental trauma, neglect and the relational problems that arise from neglect and threat. An overview will be provided that suggests new directions for clinical practice, program development and policy.